About Me - Au Bien-Etre

Massage Therapist

I was born and raised in Vannes, Brittany in north-western France.

As a child growing up I was always interested in the well-being of others, and this sowed the seeds of the career paths I have chosen to follow throughout my life.

For many years I searched in vain for the career I was born to. I have worked in care for the disabled, hospitality and luxury retail. Time after time my choice of job has reflected my innate love of people, my caring nature and my strong desire to deliver an excellent experience for my customers. Yet I was unable to find my balance – the one thing that I was born to be.

One day it came to me: I received the most extraordinary massage. To say it was life changing might sound over the top, but I knew that it was what I had been looking for. A way of offering other people the kind of relaxation and well-being that I felt that day.

I worked hard to train in a whole range of massage techniques relaxing, invigorating, re-energising and I first practised in France.

I have recently started a new chapter in my life with a move to the UK in May 2015. In order to fulfil my ambition of starting my own massage business here, I have undertaken further training to allow me to become accustomed to the type and style of massages popular in Britain.

I am now able to offer a whole range of different massage techniques, delivering my clients a truly professional, personalised and relaxing experience, truly focussed on their bien-être (well-being).

I look forward to welcoming you to Au Bien-Etre for your first treatment.