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Please note that in case you have any of the following conditions, I will not be allowed to give you any treatment unless you provide a clear and written agreement from your GP. Giving you a treatment could have a deep negative effect on your health if you have one of those conditions.
It’s not a personal choice but a legal, health and insurance matter.

Total contraindications, massage should not be performed at all
Tinea corporis, Impetigo, Herpes Simplex, Herpes zoster (shingles), Extensive or severe Eczema, Conjunctivitis, Systemic medical condition, Deep vein Thrombosis (or a history of DVT), Scabies, Boils (furuncles), Undiagnosed lumps and swellings, Pedioulosis (head lice), Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy, Pregnancy, Heart disease, Metal plates, pins or electronic implants, Steroids, Retinol, Accutane.

Local contraindications, massage can be performed but not over the contraindicated areas
Sunburn, Bites or stings, Diabetes, Allergic skin conditions, Open cuts, Bruising, Low blood pressure, Dialated Capillaries, Erythema, Hypersensitive skin, Dermatitis, Epilepsy, Broken bones, recent fractures and sprains, Hyper-pigmentation, Hypo-pigmentation, Hypo-keratosis, Phlebitis, Recent scar tissue, Sebaceous cyst, Chloasma, Psoriasis, Ingrowing Toenails, Verruca Plantaris (planter Warts), Verrucae Vulgaris, Athletes foot, Bunions, HIV

Unfortunately, my massage salon is located on the 2nd floor, without lift. I am sorry, but I will not be able to offer any treatments if your physical condition does not allow you to climb 2 levels of stairs.
I apologize for the disagreement.

What may occur after treatment

Following any holistic or classic treatment, it is not unusual to experience contra-actions.
Those contra-actions occur after treatments that work in harmony with the body and aid healing. They are usually a cleansing reaction, typically seen as a speeding up of toxins elimination by your body.

Very often, following treatment, any ailment you may be suffering from may seem worse. This happens because in order to heal, the body must re-balance and throw off toxins. In many cases, a course of treatments is required in order to achieve positive results.

Other reactions to treatments may include:

  • Tiredness – due to the release of toxins and the release of healing energies, the body needs to rest to help the healing process.
  • Release of emotions – holistic treatments help to cleanse and clear the mind and the emotions. This may leave you feeling tearful and emotional. After this release, you will feel calmer and more at peace with yourself.
  • Aching and sore muscles – due to the release of toxins and the response of nerve endings to deep massage.

Contra-actions usually develop within a few hours of the treatment and last for no more than two or three days. With regular treatments and as a body starts to heal and re-balance, these after-effects will diminish.

If any of the above-mentioned contra-actions persist, you should consult your GP.